3 Differences Between Christian Louboutin So Kate and Pigalle Follies

You know how Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t like to pick favorites with her shoes, we’ll neither do we. For that reason, this post isn’t going to be about which shoe is better. It is all about providing you with the necessary information about Christian Louboutin’s So Kate and Pigalle Follies so you can make an informed decision regarding which one is best for you.

The three major differences between the So Kate and Pigalle Follies are:

1. Heel Height- If you are looking for a low heel height, these shoes are not for you. The So Kate has the higher heel of the two at 4.8 inches. That is some serious lift. The Pigalle Follies is not far behind with a solid 4 inch heel height. You are going to have to indeed bring your “A” game when walking in either of these beauties.

2. Vamp Cut- The vamp of the shoe refers to where the shoe cuts across your foot. A high vamp shoe will come and cut up the foot often close to the ankle. While a low vamp shoe will cut across the foot near the toe. When you think of a high vamp shoe think of a slingback shoe. When you imagine a low cut vamp think of the So Kate. Both the Pigalle Follies and So Kate have relatively low vamps. However, the Pigalle has a low dipped vamp vs the So Kate which is a low cut vamp. The vamp on the So Kate is a bit lower which will elongate the leg a bit more.


3. Length of Toe Box​- The toe box is the part of the shoe that covers and protects the toes. The toe box on the So Kate is a bit longer than the toe box of the Pigalle Follies. This means the Pigalle Follies will allow you to show more toe cleavage. Some people find shoes with longer toe boxes to be more comfortable. However, that is really a personal preference.


While these two shoes have some distinct differences, they also share many similarities. The Similarities between the So Kate and Pigalle Follies are:

​They are both a very sexy shoes that elongate the leg
Both have superfine stiletto width heel
The starting price point for both are $675
Both shoes come in a variety of fabrics and colors
Below are a few images of new So Kates and Pigalle Follies from the Louboutin Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

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