4 Tips For Wearing Designer Shoes In The Winter

This past weekend I decided to wear my new Giuseppe Zanotti pumps out. They are not quite new, I actually scored them a few months back on sale from Shopbop. However, I haven’t had the opportunity to take them on a test run.

This has been the most brutal winter I’ve probably experienced and winter in Wisconsin is no joke. Me + my Sorel boots (pictured below) have been two peas in a pod for the past few months.

I personally do not wear leather shoes when the weather is wet. Most brands even recommend not wearing their shoes in rain or snow. However this weekend I broke the rules. The streets were pretty well cleared so I decided to give it a go. Even though the streets didn’t have much snow they were filled with salt which can also be very damaging to leather shoes. I of course used Protect Your Pumps¬†for the soles . The next day I took some pictures of my soles to share with you ladies. The Protect Your Pumps adhesive picked up all the salt and other yuck and underneath my beautiful soles were kept in great condition. See the pictures below and a few tips for rocking designer shoes in the wintertime.

Giuseppe Zanotti soles being saved with Protect Your Pumps

4 TIPS for wearing designer shoes in the winter:

1. If it is raining or snowing DO NOT wear your favorite most expensive designer shoes outside. I know this sounds simple but sometimes we are so excited to wear them we ignore the weather. Over exposure to wetness can make your leather curl and can be very damaging.

2. If you do wear your leather shoes out avoid contacts with snow banks and make sure you have Protect Your Pumps on the soles to shield from salt, dirt or any other grime your soles might come in contact with.

3. There is a fine line between being cute and being safe. If the streets are really bad and icy wear your winter boots to your destination and change into your heels once you arrive. You don’t want to be the girl who fell on the ice all because she wanted to be “cute.”

4.Use a warm wet cloth immediatley after you get home and wipe down the exterior of suede pumps. This will help prevent any stains from developing.

To all my ladies in cold weather locations, hang on and enjoy 15% off your Protect Your Pumps purchase with code WINTER at checkout.

Giuseppe Zanottis using Protect Your Pumps which picks up winter salt and grime
Giuseppe Zanottis using Protect Your Pumps which picks up winter salt and grime
Giuseppe Zanottis using Protect Your Pumps which picks up winter salt and grime

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