14 Christian Louboutin Shoes Under $700

The first thing I think of when I see a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes is Luxury. My second thought is E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E! When I was working as a sales associate at Neiman’s, I remember selling a pair of Christian Louboutins that were $2,500. At that time, I had just graduated from college and $2,500 was my rent many times over so yea that was a no go for me!

Many people assume all Louboutin’s are over $1,000 but that isn’t the case. There are of course some that are super expensive, like these So Kate Strass priced at $3,995 (Yikes!)


Editor’s Note; This post has been updated to include the latest designs that are under $700


Chrsitian Louboutin Kate Strass $3,995

Chrsitian Louboutin Kate Strass $3,995

However, if you aren’t ready to spend multiple mortgage payments on one pair of shoes, I totally understand so I’ve put together a list of 7 different Christian Louboutin styles that are under $700.

Let me make this clear I’m by no means saying that $700 for a pair of shoes is a steal or anything. However, these are quality shoes that if you take good care of will last a long time. (Learn How To Protect Louboutin Shoes)

Happy Shoe Shopping Ladies! Hopefully you find a pair of beautiful red bottoms that won’t totally break the bank.

So Kate Metallic $695


Pigalle Follies Digitale Purple $675


Apostrophy $645


Iriza Half d’Orsay Cork $695


Dorissima Patent Red $675


Spachia Leopard Espadrille $675


Ares Leather $625



Shoes - Iriza - Christian Louboutin

Iriza, $695

Shoes - Pipina - Christian Louboutin

Pipina, $675

Shoes - Decollete 554 - Christian Louboutin

Decollete 554 , $675

Shoes - Dorissima - Christian Louboutin

Dorissima, $675

Shoes - Simple Pump - Christian Louboutin

Simple Pump, $695


corneille, $675

corneille, $675

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Kathryn is the Founder of luxury shoe care company Protect Your Pumps. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and of course designer shoes. She is a "smart shoe shopper" who loves to buy designer shoes and loves getting them at a great price!

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NadiaThinks - August 6, 2015

I have the Iriza D’Orsay in that exact color and I love them! Been trying to find the Apostrophy in stores to try on–someone leave their comments on that style please!

…and just between us, I definitely think it’s worth avoiding buying any of the cheap ones to have that strass in your closet…dreaming of owning one of those eventually!!!

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