Best 3 Inch Heels to Wear to Work

The low to mid heel is my new long lost friend. I must admit, I’m very guilty of having only 2 options when it comes to shoes; sky high stilettos or flats.

However, I’m happy to announce my perspective has changed. I have a work conference coming up and was looking for a new pair or shoes. I don’t want to wear a super high heel to the conference and I also don’t want to wear a flat, so this weekend I started looking for mid height heels and I feel I like I just hit the shoe jackpot!

I always thought that low and mid heels were not cute or stylish.. ..but boy was I wrong. There are so many gorgeous low and mid heels out there it is amazing! While we glamorize the stiletto and retreat to the flat when seeking comfort, low and mid heels provide us with the best of both worlds. Here are a few answers to questions regarding low and mid heels:

What qualifies as a low or mid heel?

Flat -0-1 inch
Low Heel- 1-2 inches
Mid Heel- 2-3 inches
High Heel- 3-4 inches
Ultra High Heel – 4inches and above

What are the benefits to wearing a low or mid heel?

1. Professionalism-I’m never one to tell a woman what to wear to work and I really don’t believe women should feel pressured to dress a certain way. However, lets be real…sometimes our sky high stilettos are more appropriate for the club than the boardroom.

2. Comfort- Generally speaking a 2 to 3 inch heel is way more comfortable than a 5-6 inch heel. By choosing a lower heel, you can avoid that awkward and painful walk around the office.

3. ​Transition- Mid heel shoes transition very well from day to night. There is no need to go home to change your shoes when you want to hit happy hour!

Which luxury shoe designers make beautiful and work appropriate low and mid heels?

I’m loving L.K. Bennett’s mid heels. Which shoe do you like best?

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