Best Places to Buy and Sell Used Designer Shoes

Is it time for a little closet cleaning?

I generally like to donate those items to the goodwill or salvation army.

However, from time to time especially with my designer items I will take them to a consignment or resell shop to earn a few bucks.



​#1 Tip to Selling Your Designer Shoes

​Keep Your Shoes in Good Condition!

Here are a few actual pictures from luxury consignment sites. Many of the shoes are in good condition but the soles are so beat up. A really run down sole can take you from an excellent condition rating to good, which will drastically have an impact on how much you get for your items.

The soles of designer shoes on consignment website. Increased signs of wear will reduce amount you are able to receive.

Soles of giuseppe zanotti shoes listed on resell website

Protect Your Pumps is a very simple solution to help keep your shoes in excellent condition. It's an inexpensive, simple to apply protective film that goes on the sole of the shoe and can be applied and removed without damaging the sole. 

Sole of Jimmy Choo shoe after being worn 5 times with Protect Your Pumps

Sole of Christian Louboutin shoe after being worn 10 times with Protect Your Pumps

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Even if you're not sure if the next pair of shoe's you'll buy is one that you'll resell... it makes a lot of sense to protect the soles of your shoes, they'll last longer and they'll always look pretty when you cross your legs and show the bottom of the shoe!​

​#1 Tip to Buying Your Designer Shoes

Do your research- Most of these sites claim to perform authenticity checks but do your homework as well.

None of them are authorized sellers of the designer brands so just make sure you are getting what you pay for, and make sure that you know before you make your purchase, what the policy is on returning items that are not authentic brands.

Social media - (it's all about the Instagram)

Most of these sites listed below are very active on their social media accounts (especially Instagram).

They often post items on social media before they even put on the website. This is a good way to grab an item before there is tons of competition.

Where to buy & sell

(in no particular order -- and leave a comment at the bottom if you know of any that should be added to this list)

One of the premier online luxury consignment stores.  They have an incredibly large selection and sell everything from jewelry, fine art, shoes and clothing. 


  • Consigners receive 60% of the sale price
  • Returns accepted within 14 days
  • No Ebay bidding everything is available for purchase now
  • Authenticity guarantee
  • Very extensive collection


  • Items on this site sell fast! Most items placed on The Real Real sell within 3 days. This is a con if you are a buyer because you might miss some great deals. However, this is a major pro if you are a seller because you will get paid faster. 

An online consignment store that only sells luxury or upscale items. They sell a mix of clothing and accessories.


  • Free nationwide pickup
  • Free Ground Shipping
  • Returns accepted within 5 days
  • No Ebay bidding everything is available for purchase now
  • Authenticity guarantee


  • If you like to shop in a store to touch and feel your items, unless they are doing a pop up shop in your city you’ll have to make a visit to the windy city or there new store in Dallas. 

An online community that allows you to shop the closets of other people around the world from your mobile phone.


  • Very large community so their are a lot of items available on the site if you want to shop
  • You can do it all from your phone
  • You can negotiate prices
  • Fun way to shop you can invite your friends to Poshparties


  • Unlike a traditional consignment or retail store you are responsible for making sure the item sells. They give you the platform you must market
  • No authenticity guarantee, there are tons of knock offs on the site. So you have to be extreemley careful with the designer brands
  • No returns unless item was listed incorrectly

An online store that lets you buy, sell and swap designer handbags, shoes and clothes.


  • Consigners receive 85% of the sale
  • Swap is a pretty cool feature, allowing you to trade an item in your closet for an item you like on the site.
  • Authenticity guarantee
  • Brands range from Steve Madden to Christian Louboutin
  • Easy to navigate website


  • You have to be a member to shop the site. (although signing up isn’t that difficult)

A luxury online consignment store. All items are sold on ebay or in the Chicago store.


  • Consigners receive 60% of the sale 
  • They’ve been in business for over 10 years and have a ton of experience with consignment
  • Bids are all done on ebay. They sometimes start really low so you can score a great price. (This can be a pro for buyer and con for seller)
  • They will come to your house and do closet clean outs (mainly in Chicago, but sometimes other cites as well such as Miami and New York)
  • Authenticity guarantee


  • Physical location only in Chicago
  • Bidding on ebay can be a hassle sometimes

Online boutique that sells previously owned designer goods at a great price.


  • Consigners receive 60% of the sale
  • Authenticity guarantee
  • Designer shoe collection is awesome. They offer a lot of current styles
  • They show what items are recently sold so you can get an idea of what sells on their website


  • No returns all sales are final

Get the best price for selling your designer shoes by protecting the soles. Save 15% off your Protect Your Pumps purchase using code 'BUYSELL' at checkout. ​

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Kathryn is the Founder of luxury shoe care company Protect Your Pumps. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and of course designer shoes. She is a "smart shoe shopper" who loves to buy designer shoes and loves getting them at a great price!

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