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Types Of Shoes Every Stylish Woman Should Own

While it may be your desire to jump on all the latest shoe trends, you may not have the finance or closet space to do that. In order to cut back on cost while remaining stylish, there are certain kind of shoes you should have in your closet. Forget buying repetitive designs in varying colors and stock your closet with these basic shoes that will serve for any event.

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Best 3 Inch Heels to Wear to Work

The low to mid heel is my new long lost friend. I must admit, I’m very guilty of having only 2 options when it comes to shoes; sky high stilettos or flats.

However, I’m happy to announce my perspective has changed. I have a work conference coming up and was looking for a new pair or shoes. I don’t want to wear a super high heel to the conference and I also don’t want to wear a flat, so this weekend I started looking for mid height heels and I feel I like I just hit the shoe jackpot!

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New Jimmy Choo .08 Collection

By Kathryn / April 17, 2014

Jimmy Choo is known for their sexy high heels and glamorous designs which we all love. However, creative director Sandra Choi wanted to bring something new to the brand. Introducing Jimmy Choo.08.  “We crave the same glamour and attitude in shoes we can run around in all day, as we do for our more formal footwear which is why I created Choo.08”-Sandra Choi

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Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer 2014

By Kathryn / March 7, 2014

Hello Spring!  Winter here in the midwest has been absolutely brutal so the fact that the weather is warming up and the snow is starting to melt makes me so happy. Another something bringing a big smile to my face is the Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I will always and forever love Choos.

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