Celebrating 2 Years in Business With Many Thanks

Exactly one month ago yesterday Protect Your Pumps turned 2 years old.  August 25, 2011 was the day I first hit “launch” on the initial PYP website and opened our virtual doors for business. Last month was crazy busy around here so I didn’t have much time to acknowledge the date let alone really celebrate. I want to take some time and dedicate this post to everyone who has helped Protect Your Pumps see 2 years in business!

I remember like it was yesterday the exact day when the idea for PYP came into my head. It was summer 2011 and I was working at Neiman Marcus in the Chicago suburbs. The store was completely empty because it was vacation season and none of our customers were in town. On a typical slow day at NM’s, I was usually  doing one of 2 things: 1.) Trying on clothes or shoes (You could always find me playing dress up in Akris, Stella McCartney or Armani) or 2.) Writing Thank you notes to my clients who recently shopped or going through my “book” of clients to see if I call anyone to come in and shop. That day was a little unusual, because I wasn’t really doing either. I was literally just walking around taking in my surroundings. I remember seeing this woman wearing the most gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti pumps sitting down with her legs crossed. The shoes were beautiful but the soles were horrendous! At that moment there was a spark. I went home that night started brainstorming, researching and determined there was noting else like what I wanted to do on the market. At that point I got to work and put this idea of mine in motion.

Fast forward to today and so much has happened in 2 short years. Protect Your Pumps is now loved by women in over 60 countries! Sure, we have a lot more growing to do but I’m proud of the accomplishments that have been made thus far. Everyday brings a new challenge and new level of excitement. Some days are more difficult that others, but I love and appreciate every moment.

To every PYP customer, fan and supporter; I thank you from the bottom of my heart. On this 2 year journey I’ve met some incredible women. (many with killer shoe closets) So many of you are superwomen to me and continued inspiration, which is I wanted to create this blog space. Of course shoes are my weakness, but Im constantly blown away by the really powerful women who walk in them everyday.

So with all that said, (imagine you are holding a glass of champagne) Cheers to Protect Your Pumps 2nd birthday and to many more to come!

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Kathryn is the Founder of luxury shoe care company Protect Your Pumps. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and of course designer shoes. She is a "smart shoe shopper" who loves to buy designer shoes and loves getting them at a great price!

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Vanisha's Life in...Australia - September 27, 2013

Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I’m so honored to have ‘met’ you, I respect your passion for what you do. It’s been an absolute pleasure using PYP and of course promoting it. A business with so much heart and that is so practical is only going to do better and better over the years. Thank you for letting me be part of your journey xoxoxo

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