Christian Louboutin Embraces All Skin Tones

As if we needed another reason to love Christian Louboutin. I personally appreciate anyone who can celebrate the diverse beauty of women around the world. As a woman of color, the term “nude” has always been a little offense to me.

According to Webster nude is defined as “having a color that matches the wearers skin tone.” Well I guess that means nude is not for me. None of the “nude” pantyhose, lipsticks, shoes or clothes even closely resemble the color of my skin.

Historically the fashion industry has not embraced brown skin. I’m happy to see that start to change.

Back in 2013, Louboutin launched their Nude’s collection with four styles and five shades. They’ve made headlines again this week by adding a new shoe to the Nude collection and expanding to seven shades. Louboutin says “the nude collection is dedicated to people who want to have great legs, to have a great silhouette.” The shades of nude now range from porcelain to deep chocolate.

The Christian Louboutin nude collection is currently available in 4 different styles. If you are looking for heels the Senora, Pigalle Follies and Izira are your options. The newest shoe is the Solasofia flat which is made of soft nappa leather and mimics the feeling of skin. The flats were just introduced 1 day ago and many of the hues have already sold out.

Hopefully the success of the Louboutin nude collection will send a message to other designers that beauty is not a “one shade fits all” and that fashion should be inclusive and not exclusive.

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