New Jimmy Choo .08 Collection

Jimmy Choo is known for their sexy high heels and glamorous designs which we all love. However, creative director Sandra Choi wanted to bring something new to the brand. Introducing Jimmy Choo.08.  “We crave the same glamour and attitude in shoes we can run around in all day, as we do for our more formal footwear which is why I created Choo.08”-Sandra Choi

The collection has shoes that you can literally run errands in comfortably and look incredibly cool doing so. There is a mix of flats, boots, sneakers, and some chunky heels. Below are a few of our favorites. Check the rest of the collection here.


If you want to learn more about Sandra Choi’s inspiration behind the collection, check out the Jimmy Choo .08 Video




Over the years Protect Your Pumps has helped so many women preserve the soles of their Jimmy Choos flats and heels. The majority of the shoes in this collection will have a similar soft leather bottom requiring Protect Your Pumps to extend the life of the shoes.

Leather Soles of Jimmy Choos from new collection

Leather Soles of Jimmy Choos from new collection


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