Rethink Before You ReSole

When I was working at Neiman Marcus back in 2011, my customers would bring their designer shoes in constantly because they had worn them and after only a few wears the soles were shot!

They’d bring their shoes into the store and we’d send them to a repair shop to have the shoes resoled. The cost was anywhere from $75-$100 and would take 1-3 weeks. In that moment I thought to myself “OUCH” How expensive and inconvenient! My brain started turning looking for a less expensive and more convenient solution..and in that PROTECT YOUR PUMPS was born.

I’ve received emails from so many customers thanking me for creating this product because they no longer have to get their shoes resoled. Others express gratitude because while they still resole their shoes, Protect Your Pumps has allowed them to drastically reduce the number of trips they take to the cobbler.

3 Major Advantages of Protect Your Pumps over Re-Soling 

1. Keep the Look of Your Original Sole This is so important to so many women. If you spend a good amount of money on a pair of shoes that has a beautiful sole, you want to show it off! Often times the cobbler puts a rubber sole (overlay) on the shoe. They usually don’t match with the rest of the shoe and can look really tacky.




2.  Save Money 

When I worked at Neiman Marcus the cost to resole shoes was $75 and up. There are some places which will do it for less expensive, but generally,  the cost is at least $50 dollars. Your soles can be destroyed after just one wear, forcing you to make another significant purchase immediately following the purchase of the shoes. Three pairs of Protect Your Pumps will cost you less than $30. (Under $10 per pair) Most customers get anywhere from 4-8 wears out of one pair. While some customers are able to get over 10 wears with one pair. So you have the ability to protect your designer shoes for less than $1-2/wear. That is amazing!

I’d like to extend a 15% discount of your first Protect Your Pumps purchase. Simply enter code ‘RETHINK’ at checkout. Both you and your shoes will LOVE Protect Your Pumps!

3. Save Time 

In addition to the cost, re soling can also be very time-consuming. Often times you have to drive to a repair shop, wait several days or weeks for the repair and drive back to pick them up. You can order Protect Your Pumps from our site, we will ship directly to you, allowing you to protect your soles in the comfort of your own home. Placing Protect Your Pumps will take 5-10 minutes per pair to apply. Trust us you will save so much time!



We understand that Protect Your Pumps is not a sole replacement and you might have to go to the cobbler from time to time, especially if your shoes are getting a significant amount of wear. (There are amazing shoe repair shops who do incredible work)  However, our goal has always been to help you ladies extend the life of your favorite shoes without spending so much time and money on shoe repair. Protect Your Pumps allows you to both save time and money, as well as keeps your pretty shoes just the way you bought them, with the original sole!

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Kathryn is the Founder of luxury shoe care company Protect Your Pumps. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and of course designer shoes. She is a "smart shoe shopper" who loves to buy designer shoes and loves getting them at a great price!

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