This is Why You Should Invest In a Pair of Designer Shoes

How is a pair of fancy shoes with a brand name and an outrageous price considered an “investment”? It loses value the moment I wear it out just like any regular shoe in a thrift store. Why should I be getting one?

These are just few questions and reservations most people have when the issue of buying a pair of designer shoes arise. There are a lot of misconceptions around designer shoes. Many people believe the sole reason behind the price is the “name”. While this can be considered a reason, it is at the bottom pyramid of the “reasons every lady needs a pair of designer shoes”. There’s a reason people shell out huge bucks for “brand names” and it has nothing to do with just the name.

If you have never owned a pair of designers shoes because you don’t see a reason to, this piece is for you. There are tons of reasons to invest in one.


It will serve you

Your regular shoes from the thrift store may last you a year or two before requiring numerous visit to the cobbler. Designers shoes are made with the best of materials so they last you for years to come. Although these shoes are pricey to get, you’ll save some money in the long run as they serve their purpose for multiple years.

Good financial investment

As crazy as you think this may sound, you can resell your designer shoes for a higher price later on. As long as you keep them in good shape and preserve them well, you can make some good money from them. One way to protect and  preserve your shoes is by getting a good sole protector.  Designer shoes that become vintage and are still in a good condition can be resold at a much higher rate than anticipated.

designer shoes

They protect your feet

The way designer shoes are made,  your feet are protected from blisters and sweats. They provide the wearer a comfortable wearing experience that cannot be compared.

 High construction quality

Slip your feet in a pair of designer shoes and you may never want to take them again. A lot of effort is put into the making of these shoes from the material sourcing to the final assembling. No wonder they are comfortable for any feet.

 Changes your look instantly

No one cares if you are wearing a hand-me-down when your shoe game is tight. A pair of these shoes will transform the most basic and plain outfit to glam and fabulous.

 Improves confidence

In a pair of designer shoes, you feel strong, confident, and ready to take over the world. There is a self esteem boost when you wear these babies.


Good quality, comfort, and durability are only but a few reasons why you should invest in a pair of designer shoes. If you can afford to get one, you should. It is a worthy investment. You can imitate the look, but you can’t imitate the quality.

So, the next time you hear of  designer shoes, keep in mind that it is more than just a “brand name “.

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Kathryn is the Founder of luxury shoe care company Protect Your Pumps. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and of course designer shoes. She is a "smart shoe shopper" who loves to buy designer shoes and loves getting them at a great price!

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