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The red soles of Louboutin shoes are iconic and there is no wonder why women across the world want to preserve that sole for as long as possible. For over 4 years now customers have been using Protect Your Pumps on their Loubs with great results. We have over a 99% customer satisfaction rate, and customers worldwide who will not wear their shoes without Protect Your Pumps. However, we believe in being honest and know that a small number of people have experienced issues. The painted sole of this brand is very sensitive, so we share a few tips to get the best results.

1. Double Layer Method

 After lots of research and experimenting we found that Christian Louboutins and some other brands use a high gloss lacquer for the soles. This lacquer is not a protective material. It is literally a coat of very fancy paint. This is why the paint chips so fast and scratches when you walk on concrete.


The lacquer is sensitive to many things. It is sensitive to weather, surface and it can be sensitive to our protective film. While most of our customers DONT have any issues with peeling because we are aware of the sensitivity we recommend using 2 pairs of protectors on painted soles. One will serve as a base that you always keep on and the top pair is changed when needed.

Protect Your Pumps customers love this method. It gives them extra protection and assurance that their red bottoms will stay red!

2.  Make sure your shoes are authentic!

This is so important. Just because the sole of the shoe is red doesn't mean it is an authentic pair of Louboutins. There are so many knock offs of this brand so we really want people to make sure they are purchasing from an authorized retailer. Our product has been tested only on authentic brands we can not ensure the results when used on items that are not authentic.

3. Do Not Wear or Store in Wet Weather

Any exposure to water or moisture will make the red paint curl underneath the protective material and it can be damaging. 

These are 3 simple tips to help you ladies have the best results. Our only mission is to help you ladies keep your shoes in good condition for as long as possible. Therefore we are constantly working on development and testing to make our product even better especially for sensitive painted sole brands. We 100% believe in the product and know that without Protect Your Pumps after just one wear your soles can be totally destroyed. It is a great way to keep the look of the original sole. Enjoy 15% off your purchase with code LOVELOUBI

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